How to make money with Facebook instantly using the proven methods: Free and Paid Methods

Free and Paid Methods to make money with Facebook  

Making money with Facebook is just another method of the million methods on the internet to make money online. I will try to explain this method in an easy way so even a newbie on Facebook can start making money from day one. This method does not require a single penny investment. It just requires you to be aware, quick and use common sense. Anybody can start it and can see results instantly. You can scale up this method just by working an hour daily. 

I will go step by step so you don’t miss anything and understand it completely. 

These methods revolve around selling products on Facebook groups without spending even a dime. But how to identify such groups and start making money on these Facebook groups?

So here we go, step by step money making methods for Facebook

Method 1: Zero Investment Method

Choose a product to sell. It can be your product if you are a businessman or if you are a student or into a job and do not have your own product then you can hand pick a few products online and start selling it right now.

Effective sources to choose products to promote and sell on a Facebook group and page

Sell Affiliate Products- You must be surfing and buying things on merchant sites like Amazon, E-bay, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. But only Internet Marketers know how to make money with these e-commerce websites just by using their basic knowledge in digital marketing. Here I will share how anyone even without any previous internet marketing experience can earn a lot of money just by working a few hours daily. 

Become an affiliate marketer and sell on Facebook group and page

Almost all e-commerce sites have a program called an affiliate program. They use this program to sell their products through the affiliates. Under this program, anyone who is going to sell their products will get paid a handful commission on every purchase from these e-commerce sites.  You can easily join any affiliate program and become an affiliate marketer. The best one is Amazon. You can join it here. However, you can go with your own speed and join more affiliate programs. It is up to you to work hard and scale it up.

When you will apply for an affiliate program, most of them will ask a website link from you. This is to check how you will get traffic to sell products. If you own a website you will be approved but in case you don’t own a website then just put a link of any of your Facebook page. If you don’t have a page just put or and fill all other details. You will be approved and instantly get the affiliate link to various products to promote and sell online. However, you only get verified and paid once you make your first sale. So don’t wait for making your first sale. Use the following method I am going to share now.

click to view larger image: Amazon affiliate approval message

There are millions of products on Amazon to choose from. Choose a product of your interest and get your affiliate link that you will promote on the Facebook group and page. 

click to view larger image: Get started window -here you choose a product to promote

Now your job is just to post these affiliate links in profitable Facebook groups. You can choose Text only, image only or image and text both kind of link to promote. Make sure it should be appealing enough to encourage people to click on it because; you only make your commission when people buy it. 

How to find and select groups related to your interest. 

You might already have a group related to your niche. However, it works best when you post on multiple groups. You don’t need to own all groups but you must be a member of these groups to post on. You can search for such groups on Facebook and also on Google by searching for buy and sell group, resell group, buy and sell used/refurbished products group, etc. 

Do read the terms and conditions of groups before putting your affiliate link. Some groups don’t allow it. In this case, you have to act creatively. In this case, post appealing banners that encourage other group members to ask you about the source where they can buy it. Now, you can easily put your link in the comment box or message them privately. Do watch other people posts and their comments. You can get an opportunity there also to promote your link. The more you try, easy it becomes. Go at your own pace but stay consistent. 

click to view larger image: Choose the type of FB page closely related to your product

The same process you can apply for promoting on pages. Many Facebook pages are open for public comments and posts. You have to just find the one and start implementing it right away. Watch for comments people inquiring or demanding for a product. It’s better to put your link in the comment. By this, you are not spamming and are at the safer side or sometimes admin can block you. 

Still confused about what to sell?

If you still confused what to sell, as a gift for you I am sharing a few products which can convert easily for you. You can sell any product or service in relevant groups. To start with you can go with electronic devices, gadgets, and its accessories. Health-related items like the supplements, medicines, and tonics do sell easily. You can also sell your services in which you are excelling at. Like, if you’re a good designer, you can sell high priced logos, video animations etc. If you are an HR Recruiter you can pitch in various HR related groups about your expertise and get a handsome freelancing job. Believe me, there are plenty of people looking to buy your service. You just have to get in the right groups. 

Try targeting groups related to your services and try targeting foreign customers because they pay high. Try posting as and when you are free and increase your activity in special days like festive seasons, black Friday, thank you day, valentine day and many other you can search it on Google. 

Like any online method, this method also requires patience and consistency. You may not get your sales in the first one or two days. It doesn’t mean this method doesn’t work. Keep trying, use other products, target other groups and rebuild a new strategy. It will surely work. It is a proven method and a lot of people are making money through this method. 

Method 2: Requires a little investment i.e. paid advertisement 

If you are a businessman not using Facebook paid advertisement then you are probably losing a lot of money. With paid Advertise on Facebook, you can create brand awareness to promote products and make decent sales. For it, you create a business Facebook page and put links to all your product site page and special offers. Then just by spending a few bucks, you can boost your Facebook page related to services, offers, and products by targeting potential customers who are interested in your services. 

Now Facebook is providing many calls to action depending upon the type of advertisement campaign’s objective you choose while promoting your page. You can try different actions as per your need and requirement. 

click to view larger image: Choose the call to action closely related to your campaign objective

Direct Method: This is a very generic method of promoting your services to people who are already your friends on Facebook or following you. You must be already using this technique. Now I am adding a few tips by which you can make it more effective and profitable. 

Start # tagging your post related to services. Use only one tag per product to group similar tags in the same place. 

Create events and call like-minded and interested people and share your new services launch and its features.

Put queries and ‘ask me anything’ sessions in your group to engage people. Engage people are easily converted into customers. Open discussion and respond one to one all queries raised during session or events.

Use the go-live feature and promote your business by showing features, reviews, and new offers to attract potential customers.

Now you might have doubt about how to get your Facebook posts seen by more people!


These are a few guidelines which can surely help get more people to acknowledge your post:

#1 Facebook is giving certain topics more priority if a user is already spending time on similar content

That means if a user is surfing topics relate to education, he will get more relevant ads and posts related to education. Facebook also saves the search and surfing history of a user by storing cookies and uses it to display relevant topics as per the interest of the user. So as an advertiser, when you boost your business page or related post always make appealing and interesting content that encourages people to like and share your content. 

#2 Facebook would like to show the content of as many different sources as possible 

That is Facebook doesn’t like spam. It will boost your links when you put it for once or twice in a day. When you post the same link on a page more than twice, chances are Facebook will not display it in the newsfeed. So be at safer side by just putting single link per post per group per day or put an attractive poster and then put links in comments while responding to a user’s inquiry.

#3 Facebook loves to have as many different types of content as possible

That means Facebooks loves creativity but not spam. Present your ads in different variations keeping the optimum size. Use picture image more often than core text. As now Facebook is allowing the only image in a post to boost. Use text only in the description for the best results. 

#4 Facebook is giving users the control over their timeline

It is not only Facebook but users also who hate spam. If you post the same material repeatedly on a single group, people will start unfollowing your posts. Facebook keeps an eye on user experience what they like or promote. If people do not like your post then high chances are that Facebook will decrease visibility or even can delete it from the newsfeed. So always work for real humans. Facebook is just a tool which is now smart enough to smell people’s taste and interest. 

These are the few best practices that you can use to promote and attain high conversions on Facebook. 

Start implementing it right now and stay ahead in the neck to neck competition. 

If you need any help in implementing these methods, feel free to contact me by leaving your message in comment box below or use the contact form

Do share your experience, results or if you have any other effective method to make money with Facebook in the comment box below.