Proven Practices to Attract and Retain Top Talent in Your Company

A competitive and progressive organization fully understands the value of its workers — particularly its best performers. They are the movers and shakers that do more than what’s expected of them and are committed to securing great results for the advantage of the company. They are the bright future of the organization. The impressive performance of these special personalities generates a lot of buzz not only within the organization but also across the operations of competitors.

When a company does exceptionally well, other industry players are automatically alerted and they get the scoop on the key personalities’ success. Their brains start scheming for ways that they too can achieve the same success. Sad to say, in such cases, instead of developing their own formula for success, companies often just choose to pirate an important variable in the more successful player’s formula. They offer a bigger salary and other irresistible incentives to a top talent that belongs to that leading organization so that he’ll be swayed to jump ship and swim toward theirs. Such a tactic is common in all industries, which is why smart companies employ various strategies to prevent their valuable top talents from getting pirated.

If your organization is thriving due to the solid contribution of your in-house talents, it’s imperative to implement proven effective strategies or practices for retaining your best performers and attracting new ones. In doing so, you can maintain the momentum of your company’s success and secure its future. A top recruitment agency in Abu Dhabi rounds these practices up in the list below.

Invest in expanding the talents and skills of your top performers

When you provide top talents opportunities for further growth, it doesn’t only indicate the company’s desire for further success; it also shows the organization’s increasing faith that these people can become more than they are. This can create the feeling of security that everybody seeks.

Provide thoughtful rewards and incentives

Incentives and rewards say, “You did very well, we appreciate your effort and you deserve to be honored.” When top talents know that their hard work and sacrifices are recognized and greatly valued, many of them cease to consider the idea of exploring opportunities outside of the company they already serve. It’s also worth mentioning that it can further motivate your best performers to consistently work hard and raise the quality of their output. Likewise, when your company becomes known for presenting thoughtful rewards and incentives, you get a powerful marketing tactic. You will attract more competitive talents that are looking for an organization to work for that is focused on superior performance.

Improve the work environment

Take a cue from Google, which has made coming to work a treat for its employees. Making changes to the work environment can impact work culture and make it more conducive for higher productivity. Demonstrate your company’s concern towards he well-being of your workforce by beautifying spaces (perhaps even adding a game room or fitness center where people can have fun and recharge their energy during their break time), purchasing ergonomic chairs, and getting rid of work cubicles to encourage collaborative work for higher quality output.

Provide nutritious lunches and a well-stocked pantry

This is another effective tactic in keeping top performers “at home.” You need to support their process by getting rid of potential distractions or time-consumers. If top performers’ meals are provided, it helps maintain their work routine since they don’t have to think about it anymore. They’ll appreciate this because preparing food or even going out to buy their lunch can take time and attention away from the work they need to accomplish.

Include them in important company decisions

It’s always a privilege for employees to be able to share their sentiments and suggestions in important forums that will determine the path of the organization. According to UAE recruitment agencies, when you involve employees in decision-making, it will cement not only their idea that the company cares about them but also the fact that the company has reliable plans to secure their future. All of these practices are focused on making workers feel appreciated. There’s no beating this formula in making people feel content where they are even if there are temptations all around. Treat your top performers well and they will give your company not only their best work but their loyalty as well.


ROBERT MURRAY A passionate recruiter with more than 12 years in the executive search industry, Robbert Murray heads Robbert Murray & Associates as an international headhunter and business partner in the MENA region, specializing in the FMCG, retail, telecom and engineering sectors. He has been featured in the Gulf 2020 CEO Report, ZAWYA BusinessPulse and Eniday, speaking about changing trends in the recruitment industry, upcoming jobs in energy, oil and gas by 2020-2025, and how Robbert Murray & Associates is focusing and growing in the MENA region.

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